​Our skid-mounted sprayers are as versatile as they are rugged. This customized series is the right partner for your plant health care program if you’re looking for something to mount on an existing trailer or truck bed. All tanks are made of heavy-duty polyethylene with large fill-well openings with air gap filters. Adjustable, high pressure jet agitation does a great job of suspending your slurry while plumbing is corrosive-proof poly or stainless steel-no galvanized pipes here. Tanks, engines, hose reels and plumbing are mounted on strong T6061 aluminum skid frame, to increase rigidity and stability of the plant while it’s in operation or being transported. You’ll be able to adjust the stream of flow with our easy-access flow valves and monitor the action through shock resistant and liquid filled gauges. And of course, to top everything off- all units are powered by easy starting, smooth-running Honda engines.

                                       Skid Design #1 - 50/50 Gallon Dual Tank                                       Design #5 - 400/100 Gallon Dual Tank

                                       Skid Design #2 - 100/100 Gallon Dual Tank                                   Design #6 - 500/100 Gallon Dual Tank

                                       Skid Design #3 - 200/50 Gallon Dual Tank                                     Design #7 - 500/400 Gallon Dual Tank

                                       Skid Design #4 - 300/100 Gallon Dual Tank                                   Design #8 - 500/500 Gallon Dual Tank