Turbine Tree Spray Gun

1/2" MPT Inlet

Max: 850 PSI

Long Range Gun with Stream Straightener

(Tips: 3.5 to 27gpm) 

785 FMC Spray Gun

3/4" FPT Inlet

Max: 800 PSI

Heavy-Duty Hi-Volume

Tall Tree Gun

(Tips: 4.5 to 48gpm)  

Pump Selection & Applications

The are a number of factors to consider when

selecting a Pump for your system.

The size of the tanks, the type of materials being applied, and the pressure & volume necessary to do the applications.

The chart  shown is a reference for

Spray Height vs. Volume (GPM) & Pressure (PSI)

Please consult your CCI Sprayer Specialist for help with selecting Pumps & Components for your system. 

Turbo Mist Spray Gun

1/2" FPT Inlet

Max: 850 PSI

Hi-Performance Gun with Atomizing Cone Nozzle

(Tips: 1.5 to 7gpm) 

JD9 Trigger Spray Gun

1/2" FPT Inlet

Max: 800 PSI

Adjustable Pattern Tip from Fine Mist to Pencil Stream

(Tips: 1.5 to 8gpm)

 Gamma242 Plunger Pump (62GPM, 700PSI)

Tall Tree Applications Up to 100' + PTO Drive Option

Pump & Spray Gun Options

Udor Root Feeder

1/2" MPT Inlet

Max: 450 PSI

Trigger Control Valve with

Stainless Steel Tube & Tip

(4 Hole Tip)

Lesco Lawn Spray Gun

3/4" FPT Inlet

Max: 150 PSI

Multi-Stream Nozzles for Blanket Applications

(Tips: 1.5, 2, 3 & 4gpm)

All Applications Shown are with Water Only  (Always wear proper safety equipment when handling chemicals)

GNC Mag1 Root Feeder   

1/2" FPT Inlet

Max: 500 PSI

Trigger Control Valve with 8" Probe & Stainless Tip

(2 & 4 Hole Tips)